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Pat Lawrence

Smiley Pete Takes a Town Branch Walk
Downtown Lexington Corporation Foundatio

The joy of making art is one of the best parts of my life.  I have been lucky enough to have a wonderful teacher and mentor in Karen Spears. We are also good friends and finished collaborating on the Bourbon Barrel project  that is named "Smiley Pete Takes a Walk On the Town Creek”.  I credit her with helping me understand color theory and making an artistic statement because it feels right.

The medium  I am most familiar with is watercolor and most of the work I show is full of fanciful, whimsical and colorful animals and sea life and especially things that fly, i.e., birds, teacups, wine glasses, fish, just about anything can fly in my work. I find watercolor a good medium because it is often unpredictable and takes the artist in directions that were  not planned. This keeps it amusing, as well as challenging, and I am always learning. I also teach this medium and that keeps me learning even more. In general it makes for a most pleasant way  of life. Currently I have a number of paintings hanging at the Kentucky Theatre.

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