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De Selby

Tall Grass
Commerce Lexington
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Tall Grass

From Ashland Distillery: "The distillery maintained a cattle-feeding operation with the stillage on the ground for five hundred head."

DeSelby - As the world turns, seemingly faster and faster each day, I treasure moments of stillness. An interesting item, a memorable moment, a compelling composition will imprint my subconscious. Before I know that the impression will become an oil painting, my mind starts the process of cropping, rotating, heightening value contrasts and selecting palette colors. I am a still life painter, even if the subject is a landscape or animals or traditionally recognized ‘still life’ compositions – because there is nothing spontaneous about my work, if I may channel Edgar Degas for the remark. I am still. I am silent. My mind spins like an organic version of Photoshop. Then, I paint.

Out loud.

De (nee Diane Vincent) Selby is a Kentucky native and juried member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen. Her one-artist exhibition for the 2014 Gallery Hop will be at Artists Attic, Victorian Square, and will run through March. She paints most days, there, in Studio J.

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