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Jennifer Higgins

A Window to the Wellspring
Brett Construction/Setzer Properties
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My name is Jennifer Higgins, I have been painting since I was young, but I did not discover my true passion for painting until I was in college. I went to UK for Interior Design.  I loved design, but color theory and painting became my obsession.  I lovedhow you could transform an entire space or a piece of furniture with paint.  I loved the psychology of color and the way colors make you feel and I decided that I wanted more than anything to paint.  Ever since that time, I have rarely gone a day without painting.  My father was an architect and a builder who taught me a lot about structures, architectural details and quality.  I have a great appreciation for true craftsmanship, which is something that you don’t see very much any more. I now look for quality pieces of furniture or old doors and old windows that can be "Renewed”.  I do mural painting, faux finishing, and custom canvases.  I believe anything can be transformed into something entirely new and more beautiful whether it be a piece of furniture, a blank canvas, or a drab wall.  This is why my company is called Metamorphosis. 

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